5 ways to promote socially valuable behaviors

5 ways to promote socially valuable behaviors

Social marketing is what companies use to engage with existing and potential customers. Understanding this avenue is a sales driver as more people have developed this social trait in guiding their behavior. However, you need more than just awareness and presence to promote socially valuable behaviors. There are vital things a brand requires to progress, such as strategy and understanding customer behaviors. Plus, understanding social behavior is a direct sales drive for business. Social behavior helps a company understand its customers and can be gotten through feedback, comments, reviews, and so on. The aspect has become a more important way to engage with customers directly as users are increasing on a daily basis.

Social behavior is an essential communication tool to reach people and organizations across the globe. Some companies use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other communication platforms to promote socially valuable behaviors. People use the platforms to share products, information on food or health, warning products, tips, and much more. This concern can reach a lot of connections influencing their choices on exhibiting valuable social behaviors.

Here are 5 ways to promote socially valuable behaviors

  1. Create awareness

Creating awareness is a primary way of promoting socially valuable behaviors. Social awareness has a huge influence on people towards a particular behavior. People tend to look for solutions when a problem arrives, leading to different social values in different people. Most times, people do not know what values society holds dear relating to their problem. How do people get to know these valuable behaviors? A large audience can get to know these social behaviors through the awareness created by your brand. A brand aims to influence customers’ behavior by educating people on social behaviors that contribute positively to the community.

  1. Teach your followers

After gathering the audience, the next step is to teach them about your brand, which will affect their social behaviors. You can discuss valuable social behavior through posts, events, and other means. For instance, you can educate your audience on helping drive a friend to the airport; or walking a neighbor’s pet. Social media is a medium for teaching people how to get value for their behavior. You can teach them by sharing original content such as infographics or videos or by creating new educational content to reward a specific socially valuable behavior. Remember that original posts show the uniqueness of your content. Also, you can seek to share other people’s posts that seek to educate people just like yours. Videos are a great way to demonstrate these socially valuable behaviors, and brands share them through social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. The number of audiences interested in video content is increasing because of its transparency. On these platforms, you can exhibit different ways to nature a social behavior or tips and tricks in overcoming disgraceful behaviors. After posting a video, you can link to other videos or posts you’ve shared concerning socially valuable behavior.

  1. Promotions, Discounts, and Deals

These are ways to attract more audiences to your channel on valuable social behaviors. Everybody likes discounts, promos, and other favorable deals distributed through social media. These incentives can influence the social behavior of many individuals, forcing them to turn to your message and adhere to it. Posting this discount on social media is cheap, time-saving, and effective in reaching billions of socially active individuals. This situation will create an opportunity to address a larger audience on valuable social behaviors. However, encourage your audience to like and share these contents on another platform to reach a more extensive base, thus educating more people on valuable social behaviors.

  1. Social Influencers

Involving social influencers will add more momentum to your message. People are more likely to listen and adhere to your message when it’s communicated by people they trust. Celebrities and high-status people are great inspirations for social behaviors and can curb people to behave likewise. Influencers tend to affect 49% of people’s choices regarding a post or decision. For example, you can involve influencers from social life to help with recommendations and advice on valuable behaviors on the specific or general aspects. A positive influencer will influence the audience positively, while the negative will disrupt your message. The influencer can work wonders for your brand by attracting a larger audience. Different brands use many celebrities and influencers to relay their message because of their on-time feedback, comments, and advice to a targeted audience.

  1. Learn from your others.

Learning from other platforms will enhance how to pass messages to your audience. You can tap from your competitors’ trending posts to foster communication between the brand and customers, influencing them. Keep tabs on other people’s posts that involve your trend, tactics, campaign, promotion, interaction, and so on to boost your content. An easy way to track these aspects is through social media. The medium has created a way to monitor what will work for your brand by tracking others competitors’ analysis. Knowing this method can streamline an approach that works for your company. You can further review the profiles of other people interested in your message to ensure your strategy is well implemented. Afterward, you can make plans to move forward in marketing your content. To do this, carefully plan a strategy, the path to follow, and how to relate the message to reach interested people.


Promoting socially valuable behaviors can be achievable through content, promotions, influencers, and visuals, among other means. The effect of promoting social behaviors can’t be ignored in our society, and businesses are tapping to address the alarming situation. The contents are likely to reach billions of people in a single day through social media, thereby promoting your content of socially valuable behaviors.