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Some post-pandemic business ideas include personal trainer, app developer, tutor, personal organizer, freelancing, blogging, and home care services.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people lost their jobs, and some businesses closed due to lockdowns. However, with many economies opening in 2022, you could be looking for ideal post-pandemic business ideas to get you back on your feet.

 If your goal is to become your own boss by starting a small business that can grow, you do well to consider the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Consumers now live differently than before the pandemic, meaning they have changed their consumption patterns. You want great ideas that take into account the prevailing market dynamics.  What do you need to start on the right path?

You also need to create a working business plan, get a sustainable source of capital, and set up a reliable payment system before you get started. Consider these 15 great business ideas to help you soar in 2022.  

15 unique business ideas

1. Personal Trainer

Many people need personal trainers on exercise regimens and nutrition. Home consultation is a great business idea if you are personate about fitness and health.  

  1. How can you expand your personal training business?

Ensure you have an active social media account where you can post-exercise videos, inspirational quotes, and diets. Most fitness gurus build their brands this way and accumulate many clients.

Remember, building personal training into an income-generating venture may take time. So, start small and persistently grow to greater heights.

2. Be an online teacher

Online teaching is also a post-pandemic business idea worth pursuing, as it was during the pandemic. People realized the value and the convenience of online education during lockdowns, and it seems that it is becoming the new normal.

If you are knowledgeable about a certain subject, you can offer your teaching services on various sites like Udemy, Preply, VIPKid, Cambly, and iTutor. Some sites may require that you be a trained teacher with a degree, while others will require you to be knowledgeable about the subject you want to teach.

You can start earning from $10/hour to as high as $100/hour, depending on what you are teaching and the level of the study.

3. App development

Are you a tech guru with a touch on coding? Your services are invaluable in today’s technological world. Smartphones enjoy exponential growth globally, and companies are looking for apps that will give their phone’s an edge in the market. That is where you come in with your experience in technology. You could develop a virtual reality app to meet the growing demand for VR software.

Where can you offer your services? You can become a freelancer and offer your services on Upwork, freelancer.com, toptal, and guru sites. An app developer earns between $61-80 per hour, translating to $114- $168 every year for those 36 hours a week.

4. Professional organizing

Life is busy, and households seem not to have time to declutter their closets or arrange their houses well. If you are passionate about organizing things, you can start a professional organizing business.

As minimalism continues to gain popularity, households are desperate to downsize, making professional organizing a great post-pandemic business idea. Your services can help households gain control over their material possessions.

You can also coach others the organizing skill and earn from your training. People are willing to pay handsomely to teach them how to minimize possessions and build organized spaces.

Why not request your clients to allow you to take before and after photos and use them to create your portfolio on social media to get more clients?

5. Freelancing content writing and copywriting

Are you good with words and have marketing knowledge? Copywriting and content writing could be great business ideas for you. Content marketing is an expensive venture that companies are willing to spend on because it works.

If you are good at writing web articles, blog posts, or press releases, you can sell these in-demand services to companies looking for them for handsome pay.

Freelancing copywriters and content writers charge between $40 – $500 per blog post, though others charge even higher per hour. You can improve your worth by mastering SEO techniques and helping your clients create strategic contents that convert.

Where can you sell your services?

Offer your services directly to clients or create an account with various freelancing sites such as Fiverr, flexiJobs, and Upwork. Freelancing is a great business idea for anybody who wants to work from home, and with good referrals, you are likely to make freelancing a full-time job.

6. Start a blog

Besides writing blog posts for clients, you can start your own blogging business. A good example of people who has succeeded with blogging is Ariana Huffington. After failing to clinch the seat of California governor in 2003, Ariana and her friend Ken Lerer started a blog called The Huffington Post. The blog gave political commentaries and featured news stories. In 2011, the website was sold for $315 million.

If you want to start a blog as a business idea, you will need patience and passion for the topic of your choice. You can choose a subject you specialize in and patiently build it. Improve your SEO skills to increase the chances of your post ranking on the Google search engine.

7. eBay and Etsy selling services

Are you good with making art, collectibles, jewelry, stickers, toys, or printable items? This can be an ideal small business idea for women with a hand of creativity.

Most women love making embroidery, vases, and art products that they can sell on eCommerce sites like Etsy and eBay. Clients are constantly looking for these items online, and you can make good money with them.

You can begin listing the products you do not need on eBay, and if it picks, you can expand to family and friends. Place things your friends do not need in your shop and sell them.

8. Home care services

If you have a background in hospitality and care, you can earn money by providing in-home care for housebound seniors. Home care services are in-demand services that will continue to grow in the coming years.

Statistics from National Institute on Aging projected that the elderly aged 85 and above will increase by 315% globally from 2010 to 2050. Most of these older adults will need care and assistance in their homes.

Fortunately, you can build a successful business on home care without a healthcare background, though it would be an added advantage. It is considered a business for good since you will help seniors with tasks such as running errands or repairs in the house.

9. Translation services

Though there was a dip in demand for translation services in 2020, it is projected that demand will increase in the coming five years. Translation services can be a great small business idea for women and men with a mastery of more than one language.

In the internet age, entrepreneurs want to flex their wings into foreign territories. They need translation services to help them communicate with other partners from different languages.

If you are multi-lingual, you can use your skill to start a small translation business and offer this in-demand service. You could also offer your services on various freelancing sites and get sustainable businesses.

10. Operating a food truck

 A food truck serving different cuisines and snacks has been here for a while and continues to rock in many cities. Lockdowns are lifted, and people are on the streets again, making a food truck an ideal post-pandemic business idea.

Do you have a unique recipe that your family and friends crave? Take your cooking passion down the road and sell your food to hungry customers to grow your food truck to a high business.

11. Become a Rideshare Driver

Maybe starting and running a business seems risky and overwhelming to you. If that is the case, your car can be your business, allowing you to share a ride with others. You can register with rideshare applications like Lyft or Uber to offer your in-demand services to people who need transport. Rideshare business does not have the risk and the logistics needed to start small businesses, such as upfront capital.

12. T-shirt printing

If you have a sharp artistic touch or love designing, you could launch a T-shirt printing business. Print-on-demand and sublimation business allows you to produce trending designs on t-shirts.

T-shirt printing is a pandemic proof business idea since people will always need clothing, and fashion will continue to rock. This could be a high business idea to consider with the right tool if you want something long-term.

13. Dropshipping

Did you know that you do not need to store goods in a store to start a business? Dropshipping is an international business idea that enables you to run an e-commerce site using a third party to fulfill your orders. You only need to set up an eCommerce store with a product description.

When a client places an order, you will forward them to a third party with a warehouse to pack and ship the product to the client. Dropshipping is a great international business idea since you do not need physical space, and it knows no borders.

14. Pet sitting

Did you know that approximately two-thirds of American families own pets? Starting a small business in pet sitting could be a good post-pandemic business idea. With travel restrictions lifted, families would be going on vacations and need someone to sit and care for their pets.

You can offer these in-demand services by feeding or playing with these pets at a client’s home. You can double this job with other jobs on your laptop, allowing you to run two income streams.

15. Cleaning Services

Cleaning businesses are pandemic proof business ideas for those who love cleaning. Households and businesses will always need cleaning services to make their living spaces dirt-free.

You only need a few staff members, transportation, and cleaning supplies to start marketing your in-demand services to apartment complexes, homeowners, and commercial properties.

Cleaning services also require little overhead costs; all you need is dedication, planning, and marketing to woe potential clients. You can charge between $30 to $50 an hour for your service or charge per room you will clean.

Bottom line

Selecting a great small business idea that works for you is a personal decision. Earning a living and the freedom of being your boss is good motivation, but you may need more reasons to hold on to the business until it succeeds. You could test these ideas on your family and friends until you find what works for you. Remember, running a business requires dedication, discipline, and planning to succeed.

What are your ideal post-pandemic business ideas you would want to try out in 2022?