Hard Work and Heart Work.

Dallas County Neighbors,

There has never been a time more critical than now to have the most experienced person at the helm of the Dallas County District Attorney’s office. This is not a time for politics. This is a time for genuine leadership that will restore competency and faith in this office.

This experience must be about more than years of service. It must be about knowing what is working and what is not. We need innovation and insight. We need a spirit of inquiry to ask the hard questions about our justice system and forge the new solutions we need to keep our county safe. We must use the powerful tools available to us for rehabilitation and restoration of lives and community.

In my time as a servant of the justice system, I have held the hands of crime victims and I have shepherded those in need of help. I have prosecuted the most complex and heinous crimes. I have given hope to the hopeless and, instead of giving up on their lives, I have been a catalyst in saving them. Sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts and moms, dads and grandparents have avoided jails and prisons because I cared for them. I have seen lives reclaimed, lives saved, and families reunited.

To safeguard justice, we need a leader who understands the complexity and vulnerability of the criminal justice system. I have well over three decades of experience in every facet of the justice system, from prosecutor, to defense attorney, to felony court judge. And I have a proven track record of results-oriented innovation.

I am ready to restore integrity to the District Attorney's office by, among other things:

  • Always leading by example.
  • Training and motivating a new generation of prosecutors who distinguish violent criminals from non-violent criminals.
  • Communicating with and engaging all sectors of the Dallas County community in establishing goals and values for the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.
  • Encouraging bail reform to reduce jail costs.
  • Continuously improving and establishing innovative diversion programs that save lives and money.
  • Expanding and improving access to mental health services to reduce crime and keep the community safe.
  • Improving and expanding conviction integrity.
  • Expanding efforts to release innocent individuals from prison.
  • Engaging our community in a discussion of the appropriateness of arrests of low-level marijuana offenders.

We have seen much change for the better in Dallas County's justice system over the last decade, but we need strong leadership to maintain these achievements and reach for new ones. As I like to say, justice is hard work, and justice is heart work. I have the dedication and the compassion to meet the challenge and I ask for your support.


John Creuzot

Former Texas State District Judge
Democratic Candidate for Dallas County District Attorney