ProofHub and nTask are complete business management software helping business owners to manage their work in one place without shifting to other platforms.

Managing a business involves taking on numerous activities. These activities can be overwhelming without proper management tools. Work can become chaotic and production hampered without appropriate business management software.

Several corporations and organizations are spending on business management software to help them stay on top of their game, improve efficiency, and predict risks.

Business management tools have evolved, making operations better for business owners. These tools include different solutions and applications that businesses need to achieve their objectives smoothly.

Business management software can be divided into sections like Communication, Accounting, Customer Service, Task and Project Management, and File Management.

However, before we delve into the best business management software, let’s define it.

Business Management Software- What is It?

BMS is the overall solution from products and applications to help you manage different business aspects, including finance, people, sales, operation, logistics, etc. Examples of business management applications include asset management, invoicing, word processing programs, and database software.

Important business management software functionalities you will likely need include:

  • Sales and CRM
  • Calendar and time management
  • Budget and invoice
  • Project management
  • Document collaboration and sharing
  • Resource management
  • Financial reporting and accounting.

Best business management software

Let’s discuss some of the must-have management software to help you efficiently run your business and attain your desired goals.


ProofHub is a business management software that enables you to keep all business tasks organized in one place. Your team can seamlessly check through this central platform and see their daily tasks.

ProofHub was built on centralizing all business projects for easier access. Businesses with ProofHub do not need different apps to collaborate, share updates, or manage tasks since all functions can be done under one roof.

Project managers can assign their teams’ tasks, monitor progress, and send them updates when they need them. Management can also use this business management software to make company announcements to everyone.

This software also provides a platform for team members to connect via group chat or directly, thus enhancing communication and collaboration.

Teams can make their assignment ‘doing’ or ‘done’ and share files whenever needed. Some ProofHub productivity features to help your business improve project outcomes include:

  • Task management
  • Time management
  • File management
  • Collaboration
  • Progress management


nTask is an ideal business management software with various features to help you complete your projects successfully.

It provides businesses with a multi-dimensional solution to accomplish projects in time. Like ProofHub, it is a single platform that enables you to plan, monitor, and collaborate with the team without switching to a different application.

nTask allows you to preview what lies ahead of your project lifecycle and make needed adjustments. This business management tool has built-in timesheets and Gannt charts to enable project managers and teams to track their performance seamlessly.

nTask will help you to:

  • Instantly assign tasks to your team and make roles transparent
  • Use systematic workflow to create and manage projects.
  • Conduct successful business meetings using its meeting management solution, allowing you to take meeting details accurately.
  • Identify project issues and proactively correct them.
  • Document potential risks in the initial stages of your project, thus safeguarding it from future hazards.
  • Use nTask Custom Fields to create a CRM.


Flodesk is a business management tool for small businesses centered on email marketing services. It helps small business owners showcase their brands through beautifully constructed emails. With Flodesk’s workflow, you can automate email marketing functionalities like lead magnet delivery and sending welcome sequences.

Key features:

  • Unlimited subscribers and email sends
  • Automated email sequences
  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • Website-less email signup forms


One of the best collaboration business management software is Slack. Regardless of your business size, the chances of vital information slipping out of hand are real. However, you can prevent miscommunication and its consequences by using Slack as a team collaboration tool.

Slack can help you with various business needs such as sharing essential files, onboarding new employees, planning the next meeting, or exchanging regular messages. You can also create multiple teams’ communication channels on Slack, allowing you to relay information faster and better.

Furthermore, Slack comes with multiple integrations for project management needs. These integrations ensure you use one application instead of switching to a different one when executing business functions.

Key features include:

  • In-app notification
  • Specific channels for topics, projects, or teams
  • The search option to quickly acc to archived messages
  • A multitude of third-party application integration
  • Customization options


If you are looking for a powerful business management solution that bundles all you need to manage your company, Scoro could fit the bill. This tool can help you perform contact management, project and task management, team collaboration, billing, quotes, and reporting in one management application.

Scoro’s top features include

  • Customer/ sales management
  • Customized KPI dashboards
  • Project, time, and task management tools
  • Complete reports on your business parameters
  • Shared meeting schedule and calendar.
  • Pre-set templates for quoting and invoicing

Scoro is your to-go-to business management software if you want streamlined work progress without using different applications for every task. It is suitable for businesses with advanced intelligence features.


If your accounting and invoicing functions at your business are causing nightmares in your operations, FreshBooks is the ideal business management software to employ.

Small businesses often face challenges with money management, not knowing when to invoice and what to record where. FreshBooks has full accounting features, enabling the accounting department to track expenses and quickly generate invoices when due.

FreshBooks also has native time tracking that you can use to track the time an individual or a team has spent on a project and bill them accordingly. Furthermore, this business management tool is endowed with elaborate features to help you organize project-related activities.

Prominent FreshBooks features include:

  • Time tracking
  • Team chat
  • Invoicing
  • Dashboards
  • Accounting reports
  • Cost estimates
  • Project assignment.


Does your business need CRM software and a task management tool? Look no further than Bitrix24. This business management application provides businesses with a unified CRM platform, documents management, task management, and team collaboration.

Bitrix24 free version provides small business automated marketing and client management capabilities. You can add a few bucks to access useful customer management features coupled with email marketing integration.

Bitrix24 also offers unique CRM solutions to enable your sales team to track sales, provide customer support via various communication channels, and automate marketing.

Key features include:

  • Sales report
  • Invoicing
  • Email marketing
  • Task management
  • Customer support through email, chat, and phone calls
  • CRM sales pipeline management
  • Lead management


Time management can determine how you bill your clients and your general success. Timely tracks the time spend on every project by automatically recording the time your team works on every project.

If you wonder why your time management overhead is high, Timely will help you set things into perspective. The time recorded in the software is accurate, allowing you to invoice correctly.

Timely’s key features:

  • You can check the project dashboard and get real-time feedback
  • It has automatic time tracking
  • You can invoice per project or with an hourly rate
  • Elaborate client-reporting


Small and mid-sized fast-growing businesses needing a unified business management tool can significantly benefit from Netsuite. This software provides you with CRM, ERP, HR, Financials, and eCommerce tools.

Your company can benefit from its comprehensive specific-industry-related support. NetSuite mimics the way businesses work, making it easy to understand and incorporate into your systems.

Its key features include:

  • Easily accessible KIPs and reports
  • Practical project accounting, resource management, expense management, and timesheets
  • Highly customizable and flexible


If you think your business could improve with a proper customer relationship management tool, Apptivo can deliver the results with its numerous customer-related functionalities. It can promote your business growth with its functionalities such as invoicing, project management, and timesheet capabilities. You can also customize this business management software to suit your business need.

Its top features include:

  • Managing timesheets, collaborating on tasks and logging expense reports
  • Tracking sales process with its online CRM software
  • Billing customers and receiving payments from anywhere
  • Stellar customer support through a robust ticketing system
  • Excellent supply chain management that tracks and purchases inventory.

The bottom Line

Business management software is here to make your work easier. They are designed to help businesses develop a workable plan and stay on top of things.

Running a business with management tools is like leaving your business to chance. As an entrepreneur, you need all the help you can get to keep your operation smooth; otherwise, various essential issues will go unattended.

What tools have effectively worked for your business that you believe other companies should try?